Jul 11, 2014

New Perspective

When I started this blog I wasn't sure what I was doing. I had a friend who had a blog and I read blogs and thought it would be a fun thing to do. Plus, I was a new stay at home mom with a little one who took good naps and I was going a little stir crazy after 14 years of working outside the home. 

But the more I got into it the more daunting it became. I put pressure on myself to write. I set unrealistic goals and expectations based on what I saw in others blogs (I do that in other areas too like Instagram). I thought I had to write paragraph upon paragraph and be witty or was poetically about my life and that's just not me. I like short, sweet to the point conversations and that is how I write. Also my brain works faster than my thumbs or fingers, which ever apparatus in typing on at the moment, and I quickly lost my train of thought and gave up.  So slowly but surely I stopped posting. But as my son gets older and I have a little bit more time I want to start up again. 

I know the "experts" say pick something you are passionate about and write about that topic but they are interested in money making on their blogs, I'm not (though I'm not opposed to it either in the future). This blog is about just whatever pops into my head, just like the title Jennifer's Ramblings. I might post often or I might not just depends on my life at the moment. It also depends in how accessible my laptop is because most of these post will be made on the go from my phone or tablet and the Blogger app is not that user friendly. Many things I post will be links to other interesting things I have found because I don't believe in reinventing the wheel or beating a dead horse by writing about something someone else has already done a good job on (better than me usually). I will also post things to my new Facebook page I created so I won't clog up my friends newsfeed with my ramblings, because let's be honest FB is more user friendly when sharing via mobile apps! 

So look past the misspellings or other grammatical issues you will find, my proofreading is perfect after I hit publish. And for whom ever is reading this thanks!  

These two images might give you perspective on my thought process! 

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