Jul 15, 2014

Homemade No Cook Kool Aid Play-Doh

So I took the plunge last week and Hotrod and I made play-doh. Now I am not a crafty, homemade kind of mom, however, I search Pinterest high and low to find a simple, fun play-doh recipe for us to try on those days it was too hot or rainy to go outside. I found this neat recipe over at Suzis Crafts blog (click the link to find the reciepe) and knew it was the one, why, because I can't stand the smell of store bought play-doh!

This recipe used Kool Aid as the coloring agent and it was great. I will say we followed the recipe closely except after the first batch we decided to add 2 packages of Kool aid to make the colors brighter. 

In the end we had a fun time making the doh! And I was happy because I was able to incorporate several lessons into one activity from money (buying the ingredients), reading the receipe, and measurements. Also I am not a professional photographer, the photos you see are taken from my iPhone from whatever angle I could get while helping out.

The Ingredients


More measuring

Mixing up the dry ingredients

What it looked like after mom mixed in the boiling water

Kneading the doh (his favorite part)

Our second batch kneading

The finished product cooling

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