Jan 15, 2013

Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt

Okay I found this on Pinterest and just had to try it out. I tweaked it a little to fit what I had at home. It was very, very good.

The original post here called for plain Yogurt, 1 Tbps peanut butter, 1 Tbps sweetener  1 Tbps mini chocolate chips and 1/2 tbs vanilla.

I had vanilla yogurt and regular chocolate chips so I omitted the vanilla and used honey as my sweetener. Now it is not light on calories, mine was 325 so not an everyday snack but maybe for breakfast every now and then!

Jan 10, 2013

Do you Pandora?

Do you know about Pandora? If so do you listen? Well let me tell you that I had known about Pandora for many years but it wasn't until the Christmas holiday that I truly came to appreciate the service.

I must say that I have to thank my husband for discovering it on our Roku player and for experimenting enough that we now play it (through our surround sound) almost more than we watch TV now. We listened to everything from Bluegrass to classic rock to Symphony and everything in between. Hotrod loves Bluegrass so of course that is what we listen to the most. But the variety is endless.

Now you can play Pandora on almost any mobile device (I don't because I am not paying for the data plan to cover it) through your computer and many other portals. So give it a try and see what you think after all it is FREE.

Jan 3, 2013

Write the Room

Keeping a 5 year old boy entertained for 18 days during the Christmas break when it is too cold to go outside is interesting. I didn't want all of his time to be spent in front of the boob tube and there is only so much Candy Land, Lego's , and crafts you can do before we all go a little nuts.

Luckily we had Christmas as a break and there were new toys to play with but I also wanted to keep up with a little "school" type work as well. So I employed one of the "games" they play at school called write the room only I adapted it to write the house.

I took the sight words that we have from school and added my own Dolch word cards and some post it note sheets with words. I place 10 words around the house at a time. Then Hotrod went to go find the words and write them down. We not only got to work on reading but writing as well.

You will need word cards, a clip board, pencil, and paper. I created his worksheet at Amazing Handwriting Worksheets.com. You can customize the page on the left hand side of the screen. It is a great website for handwriting and of course I found it on Pinterest!

 First is the note cards. I found the post it notes at Jo Ann's in the close out section several years ago. I just knew they would come in handy someday. And then the sight words from school.

Next I placed the words around the house and Hotrod went around an found them and wrote the word before moving on to find the next one. 

An here he is in action!

Here is a example of what it would look like complete.

This was a great activity. This day we played for about and hour and a half. It was very engaging and I love that it includes lots of movement a must for my energizer bunny.

Jan 2, 2013

Getting Ready to Go Back

So today is the first day that dad went back to work after 11 wonderful days of having him home for the holidays. That also means that there is just 5 more days until Hotrod returns to school after an 18 day break. Sooooo that means I need to get him back in the school routine so that next week is not a total shock to his system.

Now of course we read every day and do little odds and ends in the way of education but today we started back working on "school" work. He wanted to do math today so I pulled out some craft sticks and made some math sentence sticks. We worked on not only math but hand writing as well, score!

First mom demonstrates

Then Hotrod gets to work

Jan 1, 2013

Hello 2013

So I'm not much on resolutions but here are some of the things I hope to focus on in the up coming year.

Eat more vegetables and fruit
Eat less carbs
Make my screen time more efficient
Try and blog more
Continue with making meal plans for the week
Try new and different recipes
Be more available to play, house work can wait
Be more relaxed

Well see how it goes