Aug 6, 2012

Homemade Ranch Dressing

Here is my latest Pinterest find. Homemade Ranch Dressing. Now if you are like me you like a little salad with your dressing (stole that line from my friend Jodie) and are trying to lose weight this is a great alternative. And now that I am seriously trying to lose 10 lbs, you know counting calories and exercising, not just cutting out the Blue Bell. I had to find a good low calorie salad dressing.

The store bought dressings you find out there are either high in calories and fat or have no taste. So I scoured the Pinterest site and found this blog post and went from there.

Here are the ingredients, Dannon Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt, Hidden Valley Ranch DRESSING mix, and  1% milk.

I took (2) 5.3 oz containers Plain Greek yogurt, which is about a cup if you buy the larger size, (1) package of Ranch Dressing Mix, make sure you get the dressing mix NOT the dip mix. You see 2 packages in the picture because I bought the double package but only use one. And 1/2 cup of 1% milk. Mix it all together and pour into a container. I used some small 4 oz mason jars and it filled up 2. Let it rest in the frig for about an hour before use so it has time for the flavors to meld and get to the constancy you are use to from bottled dressing.

Now using the Lose It recipe builder for a 2 Tbs serving (30g if you weigh your servings) comes out to a whooping...30 calories! Yep you read right 30 calories. I ate it on my salad today for lunch and it was better than any store bought dressing I have had. And so easy to make! 

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