Jun 8, 2012

Best Laid Plans

Okay, I had this great plan to post something everyday of what we did or learned or introduced that day. However, time got away from me, laundry piled up, I got sucked into the Sons of Anarchy series, and well just didn't get it done so here is a quick recap of our week.

On Monday we got to go for our first swim and boy was it cold, and fun.

 Rainy day fun with a puzzle mixed with a little geography lesson

We got our hair cut on Wednesday and headed to get our weekly Wednesday Wacky Pack from Sonic. The only thing Hotrod cared about were the machines working on the lot next door.

Thursday I introduced Tanagrams. This is a great way to teach spacial reasoning, work on patterns and incorporate several other math related skills

It rained a couple of days here so another activity we did was a Pinterest inspired game with our Dolch words. I laid them down in a path and Hotrod jumped from word to word saying them as he went. If he missed one he had to start over. It was a great way to work out a little energy.

We continue to work on handwriting and he is enjoying it so much the now asked to practice, YEAH! This is a picture of a sailboat he drew after practicing his letters the other night. 

So there is a snapshot of our week. Maybe I will get better at posting, maybe not. Next week will be a little different since we start summer Museum School and swimming lessons. There will be big fun at TheRowdyRands house!

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