Mar 3, 2012

Mom Music Moments

When I was growing up in the old days we listened to what ever mom had on the car radio. In my case it was Ron Chapman and Suzie Humphries on KVIL. I can to this day that I can sing almost every song from Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, The Bee Gees, and many other great acts of the 70's. Yes, I know I'm dating myself.

Now fast forward to today. I have a 4 year old and we are in the car quite a bit. However, with the advent of satellite radio, iPods and other technological advances I am not the decision maker of the music we listen to in the car.

So I have designated Sunday as mommy music day. If we are in the car on Sunday mom (me) gets to choose the music.

So call me a softie or overprotective (who wants their child listening to the crap they play in the radio these days or hear the extreme views of talk radio) my son chooses what we listen to in the car. So, I will enjoy my alone time in the car and my Sundays when I can listen to the 70's station or my playlist on the iPod. But, I will cherish singing Dinosaurs A-Z, Signing Time and all the other kid songs because I know that soon he will grow up have head phones stuck in his ears and after that driving.

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