Mar 9, 2012

Guilty Pleasure GCB

I'm not sure if I should post that I like the new show I just watched or if I should hide the fact that I even know it exist.

See admitting I like watching Grey's Anatomy, The X-Files or Justified is one thing. They are well known shows a couple critically acclaimed, one just an out right soap opera. But this new show is so over the top for a network show I was shocked.

Now I must admit I don't watch much tv anymore. There's not much time when taking care of a 4 year old and closing guarding what they are exposed to. So when I had a moment during a recent naptime I scanned Hulu to see I there was anything interesting. I noticed this new ABC show GCB. When I read what the letters stood for I was intrigued, Good Christian B****es.

So I clicked play and like a NASCAR race I watched for the crashes. I have to say the opening scene almost turned me off, but I stuck with it and found I was hooked by the first commercial. Not only is it set in high class Dallas. It has Annie Potts who I loved in the series Designing Women (there I go dating myself again).

I found myself vacillating between laughing out loud and saying, oh I know that person. Anyway the series is not for the easily offended and it is on at 9:00 for a reason. So if you want to catch something new and funny check it out on, Hulu or your VoD. It is a mindless hour of your life you will never get back but I didn't mind.

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