Mar 7, 2012

Cleaning out Emails

I have been trying to do a spring cleaning on my computer. Cleaning out videos, pictures and documents, whether they be duplicates or no longer needed, I find my hard drive laboring to sort through it all.

I started on my email this week. I use Outlook so I can keep emails forever, and ever. I ran across this one I wrote to a friend when Hotrod was about 14 months old. It is a reminder of my state of mind with a baby/toddler in the house. Now I am no poet laureate, I was a sleep deprived mommy.

I wake up each morning looking for fun,
Put on my shoes and I am ready to run.

Mommy fixes me breakfast to help me go,
That will last me, oh, bout and hour or so.

I play and play and she puts things out of my reach,
But ha, ha the jokes on you cause I grow 10 inches each week.

I play so hard and hate taking my naps.
But I play so hard I am down in seconds flat.

When Daddy comes home I’m full of cheer,
And mommy collapses, I think looking for a beer.

At bath time I splash and I play,
And I start to get fussy cause it’s the end of the day.

They rock me to sleep but I’m just foolin’ them
Surprise, Mom and Dad I’m awake at 2 AM.

Finally I go down without a bother
I think they have ruled out having another

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