Oct 11, 2011

That Mother...

Today I was that mother...the mother with the son who threw a fit in the grocery store. The mother who's overly hyped up 4 year old son pushed over the 2 year old little girl at the Chick-Fil-A play yards. I was that mother.

Now I will say that the incident at CFA was not intentionally aggressive. He was playing with another boy and when the little girl moved in his way he pushed her. I immediately removed him, but he already knew what he did was wrong. He went to the little girl and said he was sorry. So a lesson was learned. So after today I have to remember.


  1. That. Is. So. True. I had NOOOO clue you had a blog. Thank you so much for being a follower. When I read your bio I thought- I know someone who sounds like her. Then I saw your WIW pic in the last post and BAM!! it hit me. I do know her. That's Jennifer!! So funny. Thanks for taking the time to read Santa Beso. Glad to have a friend IRL who blogs!

  2. I love that quote. I remind myself. every. day.


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