Oct 10, 2011

Monday, Monday

I love Monday's! Yes I know I'm out of the norm on this one but unlike The Carpenters or The Mama's and The Papa's, Mondays don't get me down or leave me cryin' all of the time.

Mondays are my power days. I can't tell you why but I wake up on Mondays rejuvenated from the weekend and ready for a new week. I have always been like this. When I worked outside the home I got more done on Monday than any other day of the week. By Thursday I am draggin' and on Friday I am worthless.

Today was not exceptions. Since it was a holiday and I took my son to his cousins birthday party last evening he slept late and was not in the mood to go anywhere so we stayed home all day. He got to watch his PBS Kids, have some computer time and just play, and I took full advantage of this time at home.

I did all the laundry:

I preformed neck surgery on Teddy:

I cleaned the kitchen and cleaned out the cabinets:

I have a load of stuff ready to be delivered to Goodwill:

I cleaned out my stack of expired coupon inserts:

I even cleaned my makeup brushes, (which I should do more often):

I even did a little vacuuming and dusting:

And ended my day with a bible study lesson:

Now not every Monday is this way, I had two things going for me, one, a full day to be at home with no agenda and two, a cooperative 4  year old. So it was a very productive day and very cathartic! And the sanitation workers will be very busy on trash day!

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  1. I am with you. It is nice when a productive day happens. You fill empowered and usually stay in a high for the whole day.


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