Oct 18, 2011

A Boy, His Bear and the Sonic

Today was basically like any other day. We got up and got ready for school but today we had an extra passenger, Pooh. Here he is waiting for his friend to finish with preschool:

Then on the way home my son, even though he had already eaten his lunch at school said that he and Pooh needed a snack and only Sonic tater tots would do. See Sonic is my son's favorite place to eat. He loves the Wacky Packs, but the chicken strip, french fries and milk are not enough so we have to get a small order of tater tots to go with it. Now this is normally a Wednesday treat after museum school. But it is getting to where when we take the exit to our house he knows the Sonic is on the way and the request to stop is becoming more frequent. Now most of the time I say no but today we pulled in to the local Sonic and got some tater tots for Pooh and friend. Here they are waiting on their order.

And here they are enjoying their snack.

A boy, his bear and the Sonic a great combination!

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