Sep 29, 2011

People Who Come In and Out of Our Lives

Be it fate, karma, God or what ever you want to call it I believe people come in and out of our lives for a reason. I am not talking about family but people who you might be in contact with for a short time or life long friends and co-workers.

I have been very fortunate to have many positive people come in and out of my life and I am all the better for having known them. They have helped me through the dissertation, Dee Ann. They have been there when I was a new mom not sure of what to do, Ardis, Christine, Elisa, Rachel, Tuesday, and Renee. The friend who was there when my son was a toddler and both he and I needed a friend, Jodie and Will. The long distant friend whom we have only had contact through FB and WWF but has offered great advise on parenting and whom I have chatted with about things from politics to religion, to the best type of teas to drink and everything in between, Julie. And now the mom whose son is in same preschool class as mine and for whom we have found many things in common, Lacie. All these ladies have made a lasting impression in my life, my heart and soul.

Now these aren't the only ones, there is no way I could list them all so if you didn't see your name just know I think of you too!

And of course I can't be sexist and only list girls. To the man who I meet while I was working in Granbury. You helped foster my love for technology and even though we don't get to talk or see each other often I know you read my FB post and hope you are reading my blog post too. I miss our morning chats, Daryll

I know each and everyone of you out there have that one person or hopefully more that have made a positive difference in your life, if you haven't lately, tell them thanks for just being their selves!


  1. You are such a sweet lady. I am so glad we have met. I think you kept me grounded those first few years. Remember when I cried in the car when you picked me up in route to II or Little Gym? You understood, I didn't have to explain. You would hand me a tissue and entertained the kids until I swallowed my gump. Motherhood was a beating sometimes. Brings tears to my eyes as I type. Thank you, dear distant friend. You will forever be a saving, wonderful friend.

  2. Jennifer! What a wonderful blessing you are to me! So thankful God aligned our paths and I know He has planned many moments of encouragement, wisdom, and fun planned for us this year together with our boys. Thank you so much for including me in your list, I feel exactly the same way! Love your blog, so fun to read!


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