Sep 7, 2011

Home Routines App Review

I view house keeping kind of like I do losing weight. Putting on weight is easy and fun, taking it of it a long, arduous process. Just like house cleaning, it is fun and easy to mess up a house. While cleaning it up takes time and effort. And in both cases for me, they sneak up on you where you all of a sudden look up and say what the...where did these 10lb and messy house come from!

So I am tackling getting my home in better order in the same way I am going about losing weight, slow and steady. It is not a race to see who gets there first or does it the best it is about getting the job done. And also in both instances, losing weight and cleaning, I can always find other things to do and procrastinate. Also, I am into instant gratification (aren't we all), so finding a motivation program for me where I saw some results pretty quickly was a must.

If you want to read about the weight loss journey you can look here and here, but this is a review of Home Routines so that is what I will focus on here.

So when I decided that I needed to do a better job of keeping my house cleaner I of course went in search of and app for my iPhone. After all it is with me all day, I have become a tech geek and it might just keep my interest. I also looked at blogs and online check list that I might be able to incorporate in to a task list or my calender. But in the end the app won out. I looked at FlyLady, Motivated Moms, HabitHacker but it was going to be a struggle for me to do one app let alone incorporate another system in to something I was still learning about. However, if you are using one of these systems they seem to transition smoothly in to this app.

For me the AHA moment came when after a week of using the system, the coffee was ready every morning, lunches were prepared and things seemed to be a little more tidy. Then as the weeks have progressed my ceiling fans and blinds are getting dusted once a month instead of once a year. Instead of spending hours cleaning I spend a 15 minutes each day. And if I have extra time I will try to get a head. It has been very liberating.

Now do all things get checked off every day, no. But as I continue to tweak the app to fit my needs my house is better and I'm not running around at the last minute trying to pick up or feeling overwhelmed when it come to cleaning.

Here are some screen shots of how I have customized this app to fit my needs.

This is not how the default zones looked. I have added rooms and move rooms around to match rooms up for our floor plan. 

I can see all days so I can catch up on things I didn't get done yesterday or if I have extra time to get ahead, Gasp!

Or I can just see that days task if I don't want to feel overwhelmed or just don't have time or the inclination to do much that day.

So if you are looking for an easy to use app to help keep your house tidy, not sparkling I would recommend  Home Routines.


  1. Thanks for this review, are you still using it. :) I'm thinking about getting it and trying it out. I think I need an app to help me find good apps.. LOL!

    1. Samantha, Thanks for the comment! I don't use Home Routines as much as I used to, not because it's not a great app but because life got a little hectic. Luckily I had used the app long enough that the little chores had become "routine". Now I use the app for remembering big things that don't I don't do often like clean my carpets or changing out filters. I need to get back into using it more frequently. Thanks again for stopping by!

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