Sep 28, 2011

Delaying Kindergarten

Call it being an educator by training. Call it being a mom of a boy with a late school year birthday. Call it being obsessed with wanting my child to have as perfect of an education as he can have. Call it whatever you want but this one thought keeps me up nights and has become almost an obsession for me.

It started last February when I began to look for a preschool for my son. Anxiety sat in and I have not been able to shake it since. I stay up late at night thinking about it. I do exhaustive searches for research articles about it. I talk to every preschool teacher and administrator I know to gain more in site and try as I may I have not been able to shake this nagging feeling of if I should or should not hold my son back a year because of social maturity.

I know it is early, only 3 weeks into the preschool year and I can see improvement already and there is along way to go but I guess as a mother, as a type A personality, as a born worrier I can't seem to break the cycle.

I know that the decisions I have made so far in his education have been the right ones, Museum School, UCC Weekday School and both were done with meticulous prepping, research. So hopefully all the time involve in me making this choice will also prove to be the right one.

I am looking forward to attending the Private School event this Sunday at the TCU Daniel Mayer Collesieum. And my hope is to find lots of good information for potential schools.

I have my work cut out for me in this journey so wish me luck and lots of Prilosec.

Below are two articles I found today on the negative effects of "red shirting" take a gander if you wish.

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