Aug 18, 2011

Museum Day

We went to the museum earlier this week and I was reminded of some things:
1. My son really loves going to the Museum!
2. We don't go to the Museum nearly often enough, because my son ran around to try and see everything not really stopping to see anything.
3. My iPhone camera doesn't take very good indoor pictures with poor lighting, so they turn out blurry and grainy. I sure it has nothing to do with my child's inability to stay still. ha ha as you will see below.

First, we have to hit the bubble tubes.
He loves the bubble tubes.
Then the medical area
This is the entry way to the kids area with a big gator head to walk through
Digging for dinosaur bones (not long it was too hot)
A little aerodynamic experiment
Next a little physics
A puzzle with Texas Brands
The new Aerospace Exhibit.
Learning about all types of aircraft.

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  1. we hated to miss the museum with you guys last week. it loooks like you had fun. we went thur to the omni and tootled around for an hour. i am ready to get back there, your right...i've got to go more often.


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