Aug 22, 2011

A Mommy Head Slap Moment

So we headed back to the Museum today. We were having a great time when JN suddenly cratered and complained of his knees. Turns out he has hit another growth spurt and his knees are once again popping in and out of joint, OUCH. So we stayed a little while longer but soon headed to the car. When we got in he immediately took off his shoes and said his feet were hurting. So I checked it out and sure enough his toes looked like they had been squished. Unbelievable, overnight his feet have grown and his shoes are too small. I swear I just checked them last week and they were fine. UGH! Head slap not only are his knees hurting but his shoes are too small and here we were walking around the Museum.

The only consolation I have for being such a bad mommy is that on our way home he says, "Mommy, I had a great time at the Museum today. It was so much fun!"


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  1. his growth came from all that chowing down! funny how life works, eh


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