Aug 6, 2011

Gaining (demanding) Independence

This is a recurring statement in our our house:

"I'll do it myself!!"

From brushing teeth to going potty, "mommy, I'll do it myself!"

Getting his meals and taking off his clothes, "mommy, I'll do it myself!"

Getting in his car booster seat and the bathtub, "mommy, I'll do it myself!"

While this in a way is a great thing, he is growing and become more self is hard on mommy.

Not because I have to go behind and redo or clean up the "mommy, I'll do it myself!" chosen task but because my baby, my only child no longer has a great need for mommy. Of course unless something is wet, tears, blood or urine.

Yes I know this is all a natural process. Yes I know that he still needs and wants me to help (sometimes). But darn it it's still hard.

And that is my mommy moment for this Saturday!

Everyone have a great weekend!

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