Aug 30, 2011

First Day of Preschool

So today was the day. The day I left my child at preschool.

Though he has been going to Museum School for 2 hours, one day a week for a year this is different. This is 3 hours, 2 days a week and he eats lunch there. And for those who know us this is a big deal.

So how did this morning go...well fairly well. In other words when we got to the door my son said bye mom, went in and never looked back.

So what pray tell did mom do for her 3 hours of freedom, mani/pedi, massage, shopping, get together with the girls? No I sat in my car for the first hour cleaned out my coupons and read on my book. Then I was brave enough to venture 3 blocks down the street to the grocery store to pick up a few thing. Then right back. I ate the lunch I packed in my car then went in and sat in the waiting area for the remaining hour and read some more on my book. Exciting right?!

However, it worth all my anxiety and staying close when my son bounded out of class and his first words were, "mom, I had so much fun today in school!"

So as the year progresses I will get out more and more. Who knows maybe I will be able to tame, my, separation anxiety.

Oh and there are no pictures because he was not still enough fo me to get one! Maybe later in the year.

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