Aug 4, 2011

And the Journey Continues

For those of you who read this blog you know that about 2 weeks about I started out on yet another journey to lose weight and eat more healthy. I am doing this for two reasons, 1) to be more healthy and 2) to set a better example for my son.

So now two weeks into this I am now eating things like this:


Instead of things like this:

I feel much better and I have lost 7 lbs. I have more energy, less headaches, and am sleeping better.

There are two tools that have helped me tremendously in this process, the app Lose It (also a web based program for free) and my digital scales.

Good heavens have your ever really measured out a serving of Cheetos! Well I do now and what I was eating was well beyond a serving. So the point is that I do not deny myself the occasional treat but I now have a better handle on how much. This way I don't pig out when I have Blue Bell, Snickers or Frito's. And I am now more likely to sit and munch on a bowl of cantelope and grapes than grab a bag of Cheetos or a handful of peanut M&M's. Also I don't buy those things anymore.

So I will continue down this road and continue to update here, more for documentation to myself, but I hope you enjoy reading too.

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