Jul 14, 2011

Wise Words from my 4 Year Old

So this morning did not go as planned. It was a school morning, we ran out of bread last night, we needed to pick up my mother in laws medications and well I was just a little frazzled.

After getting cross with the pharmacy for holding out on fill all the prescriptions for the approval of just one from the physicians office and then having the physician's office claim they never received the refill request, then calling back the pharmacy only to have them tell me they faxed it to the right number but would try again and finally having it all resolved I was just a little bit on the testy side.

I also had to get the stuff for tonight since after school we run home eat lunch, take a nap and by the time that is all finished it is time to start supper for before my in laws come over and after that it is clean up the kitchen, bath book and bed, and I was just feeling a little overwhelmed. I did not have the patience to run out of bread or be a go between the pharmacy and physician's office!

So when we stopped by the house to drop off the groceries and use the bathroom before heading out off to Museum School my 4 year old looked up and me and said:

"Mom, you just need to chill out!"

Yes son either that or ask for a prescription for Xanax.

And Yes I am just a little type A in my personality, not as much as before I had a child but it's still there.


  1. Glad we saw you guys today....hope that calmed some nerves. love ya!

  2. Yes getting to see you and Siam made our day! When the kids get back in school we need to have a bucks or Panera get together!


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