Jul 3, 2011

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

WOW, can it really be a year since I started this blog, My, my how time does fly.

I started on a whim and because my friend Ardis blogs and I always love her posts. This is also why I choose Blogger as my blogging host. I also love technology and learning new things. So as the blog has progressed I have monkeyed with the layout, background, fonts, colors and several things. It is a learning process.

But here recently I kept hear about this up and coming new blogging website called Tumblr. NPR reported it, PC Mag wrote about it so I thought OK, maybe the grass is greener and ventured into new the new site. I created my blog tried to make it my own with a template and found out that it unless you know write in HTML you are stuck with preset templates. There is very little customization once you have picked a template and they want to charge you for some of their better templates. WHAT, are you kidding me, so after a day or two of jacking with with my site I deleted my account and came back and did more research into Blogger.

What I have found is there is a whole community out there that is more than willing to share what they learn and know about how to make your blog your own with backgrounds, banners templates and other things (The Cutest Blog on the Block, is my current favorite).

So for you that read my blog either by choice or stumble upon it through a FB or Twitter link I will be changing things up. For example for the month of July I have decided to go with a patriotic theme. Now it might take me till the end of the month to get it like I like it, but as I said this is a learning experience for me.

What do you do to keep the old brain cells firing, read Tolstoy, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or that yuck thing called exercising?

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