Jul 19, 2011

Starting Again

Well in the Farmer's Almanac it says today is a day to start a diet to lose weight. So once again I am going to start trying to lose weight.

Now I have, for the majority of my life had a weight issue. Why? Because I like to eat and sit on my ass. I am in the words of my son's dinosaur cartoon, a carnivore, not a omnivore or herbivore, I like meat, greens things rarely touch my plate. Add to that carbs like bread and sweets and Dr.Pepper, and it is a recipe for miss broad-ass. I know, I know I should eat better but I don't. I also detest exercise. I have many excuses as to why I don't exercise, time, knee injury, or the plain I just don't wanna. So with this combination I'm, let just say overweight.

I have in the past lost the weight and then gained it back. I have done Weight Watchers and lost 40 lbs, then a car crash derail my routine. So between my routine, which I need to be successful, being screwed up, and working on a dissertation I started eating poorly and sitting on my ass even more. Add to that the 40 lbs I gained during pregnancy and I was as heavy as I have ever been. I did loose the 40 lbs I gain while pregnant but not the 30lbs I gained after the accident.

I have also at one time or another done Lean Bodies, The Adkins Diet and other fad things but nothing seems to work for me as well as just plain ole journaling and counting calories (or points).

So Memorial day weekend of 2010 I decided I was going to lose some weight and with the help of Lose It! an app found in the iTunes store, for free, I began the arduous task of counting calories and watching what I eat. And sure enough, slowly but surely I lost 18 lb by the end of the year. Then once again a situation arose that threw off my routine and because of circumstances we were fast food dinning regularly.

Fortunately I have only gained back 10 lbs not the entire 18 lbs I lost so I am not starting off from scratch.And our lives have gotten back to a place where I am cooking at home most of the time. So as of today I am back on the Lose It! plan. I hope that I can loose the 10 lbs I have gained and then some more but baby steps. I don't do this for looks I am doing it for health and to set a better example for our son on healthy eating.

PS. As if my stomach some how knew what was coming up, I woke up this morning to a grumbly tummy as Pooh would say!

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