Jul 22, 2011

The Making of a Boy's Bedroom...The Basics

I will spare you all the laborious details about the planning of our 4 year old room. You really don't want to hear all that and besides it would be too long to read because we are planners to the nth degree. It took us 6 months to pick out our living room furniture, 2 months of that was just on color swatches. Geez, are we anal retentive or what!

Anyway I will pick up about 2 weeks ago when my hubby said ok lets do it. Now this project was a little time sensitive since we couldn't plan for months on end due to my son's growth spurts. We had hit the basics and the rest will come over time. In other words it is a very fluid project.

So 2 weeks ago when hubby gave me the go ahead, young son and I started by going to look for the most important part of a big boy bed, the mattress. I must say this will probably be the most fun my son will ever have shopping. We went to 3 or 4 stores over the course of several day and he "tried" out every mattress in every place. It has a riot now that I look back on it, but a little stressful during the actually events.

So after our adventures in the stores we settled on a nice Euro-top twin mattress by Sleep Designs from Sleep Experts, and I have to give kudos to Jenny, our sales lady. She was the most patient person with young son wanting to try out beds. And I will admit that this was a factor in our deciding to go with them. They were very helpful and personable. So if your ever in need of a mattress I found them to be very competitive.

So we went to pick up the mattress last Friday and set it up on Saturday. Now I don't have pictures of us taking down his old bed but let me tell you it was a family affair. Both my son and my hubby had tools in their hands and I was the one who kept up with all the hardware that was taken off. Whew, I needed a drink after that!

So here are some pics of our new big boy bed. We are waiting for the quilt from Pottery Barn Kids to get here and we still have not made a decision on the headboard, like a said a work in progress.

Our first nap-time. I think he likes it.
Sound asleep

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