Jul 14, 2011

Leaving Product Reviews

Do you read product reviews before you purchase a product? Do you leave product reviews, good or bad, after purchasing a product?

For me the answers are yes and no.

This really kind of stuck out for me the this week when looking to purchase my son's new mattress. Of course anyone  who has tried to purchase a mattress recently knows it is almost impossible to compare apples to apples across many different retailers. Even though store X and store Y have the exact same product store X calls it by one name and store Y calls it by another, this way they don't have to price match. UGH so underhanded. So you have to investigate the details of the product to know you are comparing the same things!

Anyway, I started searching reviews for the the 2 mattresses we narrowed it down to and found that one or two bad reviews can be spread all across the internet while a good review barely shows a blip on the reviews. 

I have found this to be true on the most websites I visit to research products, it seems like the people who complain the loudest get the most hits. And while yes I want to know the cons to a product, I also want to know the pros. 

So I have decided that I am going to try and do a better job of writing a review of products (on the appropriate website) that I have found to be good and live up to what I expected them to be. And to write if they didn't. 

If you like a product, like the new app on your iPhone, the TV you got from Amazon, the new mattress from Sleep Experts or the Johnny Walker Black you had last night, give it a shout out on their website or the many other review websites. Others might like to know more than just the negative stuff.

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