Jul 28, 2011

I Have Been Google-ized

I would guess that for most of us out there we have a go to company for most of our computer products and software. That one place we feel comfortable and all things are familiar. For some it is Apple others Windows those companies and products that we get into and it just spirals out of control. First an iPhone, then iTunes, iPad, iBook, iMac or first Windows 7, MS Office, Outlook, Window 7 phone, and on and on and on.

For me it has become Google. I use Google as a search engine and Google Chrome as a web browser. I have not 1 but 2 gmail accounts. I use the Google product Blogger to publish this blog. I have written about my conversion to Picasa here. When I need to read or create a document (which thankfully is not often any more) I use Google Docs and now I have succumbed to Google Calendar.

Changing to Google Calendar was not an easy choice as I have been a long term minion to Outlook, which stems from my working days. But as I am more and more on the go I needed something that I could update on the go and that would sync with my home computer wirelessly. And voila there was Google Calendar with Outlook Sync. Now at first I was skeptical that it would actually work buy low and behold the last two days have made me a believer. Once I entered an appt on my computer within minutes it was on my phone and today I entered an appt on my phone and by the time I got to my computer 30 min later, yep you guessed it, there it was. So now I can continue to use an interface I am familiar with, Outlook, but have the ease of accessing my calendar anywhere and changes made to one show up on the other.

Thank you Google for continuing to suck me in with your products. Yes I am a member of Google+ and when you really get it up and running I am sure I will be a convert as well.

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