Jul 10, 2011

Called On the Carpet by my 4 Year Old

So you know how as parents when our children say, "mommy look at that..." and we as parents sometimes say, "yes sweetie what color is it..." or some other lame answer and don't really look?

Well this morning while getting my 4 year old dressed the blinds in his room were open. And as the conversation progressed he said, "look mommy at the birds in the yard." "Yes" was my reply continuing to put on his shirt.

His reply was swift, "NO mommy, look with your eyes!!"

Okay caught in the act of not giving my full attention to what was important to him and call out for it...just a reminder that what is important to him should also be important to me.

Just a gentle reminder to not just go through the motions but to do a better job of listening to my son.

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  1. si kept saying mommy look at the moon the other day. i kept saying there was no moon since it was broad day light..had i looked from the beginning, i would have noticed that she was right...the moon was still out. full attention, agreed.


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