Jul 25, 2011

Boys and Starting School

I have a little boy. I call him little but he just turned four in May and is already chest high to his mamma. But as a mom he will always be my little boy.

Now when the sonogram confirmed, twice, that he would be a little boy I was excited and a little apprehensive. See I grew up around girls. No brothers, no close boy cousins, no boys in the neighborhood to play with, all estrogen all the time. But as an educator and having a husband who had 2 brothers I figured I could figure this out no problem.

Well was I in for a shock. Theory is good, reality is shocking. I was unprepared for the amount of energy one little body could have. And you can read and study all you want about the differences between girls and boys and you will only be a 1/10th prepared for the real thing. But as time has gone on I have learned all of the names of the equipment on a construction sight, I can build a mean megamatropolis out of Lego's, clean grass stains and blood out of clothes and understand that when daddy is around I am only needed in case something gets wet tears, blood or urine.

So now that we are entering the stage where he is about to go to school I am painfully aware of how schools these days, actually not for a long time, are no long boy friendly. Even 14 or so years ago when I taught it would be boys you would see in the hall for misbehavior, boy at lunch detention as a punishment, boys having to stay in from recess because they did not finish their work and boys who filled my class of students with special needs. Schools today are so academically driven, and test result based that the flow of a classroom is made for girls. Girls who sit, girls who mature faster than boys, girls who are more into reading, girls, girls, girls. And as a mom of a boy and an educator I know my son is a very typical boy, active and curious.

So it was with great frustration and anxiety that I picked out his first preschool which he will start in the fall. I was looking for a 2 day a week 1/2 day play-based program. After all he is still a kid and he will have 12-18 years (if he goes to college) worth of schooling, let him play now and learn some as he goes, but play and have fun! I was fortunate enough to find the WDS program at UCC and am probably more excited at this point for him to start school than he is. An it is not so I will have free time, it is because I know he will be in an environment that will foster his need for movement while teaching him social skills and some academics as he grows.

I also know that I will have my work cut out for me in picking out the school where he will get the majority of his education. So in this regard I have been reading like a mad woman trying to get all the knowledge I can so I can pick out the program that will be best for him. I know there is no perfect option out there but as a parent it is my job to see he gets a proper education and the school and teachers are just a portion of that process.

To that end this article hits the high points and I have found helpful and fairly inclusive of some things to know when picking out a program. It is by no means comprehensive but and outline.

Thrive in 2025 - Help Your Son Succeed in School

*the photo of the boy playing is not my son and was created by Photostock


  1. Kelly Garcia7/25/2011 4:57 PM

    I agree. I had two brothers but I was not ready for the energy of a active two year old boy. My little girl at two would read book, color, and play by herself. My little Noah is always on the go and has never sit still for a whole book. Teaching preschool I really see how boys and girls learn different. I wish you all the luck.

  2. wow, it is hard to believe isn't it....school and all the riga roo of what it entails. Gear up for some of those coffee breaks at the privy schools....they will woo you over to no end.....let me know how it is going..


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