Jul 21, 2011

Blog Writing App

So I'm always on the look out for new apps that are useful. And normally I only get free apps, but every once in a while ya got to pony up the $$ for an app.

This is the case with the app I am using right now to write this post. Since I am now more and more on the go with my 4 year old taking him to this activity or another and I have really gotten into this blogging thing I needed an app that allowed me to post on the go. And since Blogger is so behind the times with not having an app for the OS platform I finally bit the bullet and got an app called Blog Press.

From the reviews I have read it seems to integrate well with Blogger so we'll see.

So right now I'm in my backyard watching my child play in the little pool and blogging. How multi-tasking of me.

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