Jul 4, 2011

Blog Hopping

So, it's a holiday, happy 4th of July to all the American readers out there, and my hubby and son are down for a nap. Why am I not asleep too, because I drank a huge Diet Dr.Pepper at lunch and am wide awake! Got to love the Diet DP!

So what do I do to keep quiet while the sleep, I'm blog hopping. That is finding a blog, reading it, then click on a link from that blog to another blog  so on and so on. It is amazing where you end up.

An interesting thing to me is that I thought I was inconsistent about blogging, nope there some blogs out there that haven't been written on for 3 years. It makes me wonder, did they forget they started a blog, did something happen to them, or did they just get too busy with life and never went back to delete the blog. Who knows.

One interesting blog I found was from a lady in Canada who posts recipes and food pics. Oh my gosh my mouth was watering looking at her site. She hasn't posted in a while because it appears she just moved but I am bookmarking her page and I hope she starts blogging again. If you want to take a gander yourself her blog is called Better than Take Out

Oh well off to do some more hopping. Have a fun and safe holiday!

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