Jul 19, 2011

Another First

So yesterday I got past my reservations, hang ups and apprehensions and took my son for his first experience at the movie theater. We went to see Winnie the Pooh!

I have thought about doing this many times but I have had reservations based on past experiences. See I find that they play the sound way too loud and I was concerned about it bothering his ears or scaring him. Also, I had apprehensions about his chattiness. I wanted him to have a good experience, but I also wanted the other patrons to have good experiences too without the distraction of a chatter box.

Well all of my preconceived notions were put to rest yesterday.

We went to the early show and it was a Monday therefore it was not very crowded. The movie was not so loud that you couldn't hear yourself think and since it was a movie for kids there were many other chatty kathys there. The movie was only and hour and fifteen minutes long, just right. Add all those things together and it made for a great experiences for both of us.

It is a shame that there are not more kid friendly movies out there for us to go and see but as they come out I will now not hesitate to say, hey lets go to the movies!

I also want to give a thanks to my WWF in San Fran who reminded me that even if it didn't turn out to be a perfect experience it was a chance for both of us to have a personal growth experience.

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