Jul 5, 2011

10 Things Never to Say

So I am way behind on my magazine reading as I documented here several months ago. And I have only gotten more behind since then.

So this morning I let my son play outside before it got to be hotter than Hades. And when we came back in I let him take a bath and play in the water. Surprise, today instead of my usually "take time to clean the bathroom" routine I grabbed the magazine on the top of the pile. It was the Redbook mag from March, hello, I am really behind. Darn you Stephanie Plum for being so inciting to read.

I quickly flipped through the magazine and came upon a interesting page that was very appropriate for me and several of my gal pals and I wanted to share. I'll post the the link to the website. These are lists of 10 things to never say to either a Stay-at-home mom (SAHM) or a working mom. For those who haven't been in either of these shoes the decision is never an easy one which ever is chosen.

FYI as a SAHM #8 really gets me.

10 Things Never to say to...A working mom

10 Things Never to say to...A Stay-At-Home mom

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