Jun 30, 2011

What I Am...

I am a home maker, stay at home mom, housewife, domestic engineer, chief cook and bottle washer and any of the other descriptors out there for a woman who does not work for money outside the home. This is a job/lifestyle my husband and I plan on from the moment we got married and have been fortunate enough to carry out.

I am a cleaning lady, cook, clothes washer, meal planner, grocery shopper, mender, picker upper, garbage gatherer and taker outer, toilet fixer, and general do it all around the house (I don't do the yard). There is no division of labor here. He  brings home the bacon so that I can do what I do. Now don't get me wrong he pitches in when he can and is a great help around the house. He does vacuum and help pick up on Sunday mornings when I go to the grocery store but I do my best to have it all done so he can spend what little time he has playing with our son and resting. He has earned it.

To my son I am playmate, teacher, caregiver, hugger and kisser of boo boos, chauffeur, chef, entertainer, toy picker upper, toy shopper, nail clipper, seamstress, seeker in hide and seek and a whole host of other things. I don't get vacations, or holidays. There is no spring break, summer vacation or a day off. I am on duty 24/7 365. Be it at 3 in the morning when he is running fever, or 6:45 on a Saturday morning when he wakes up on the only morning I get to sleep in. He has not been in day care or mother's day out or any other program with the exception of Museum School, and that is one day a week for 2 hours. He has never slept a night away or stayed somewhere that I was not. He does spend some time one day a week with his maternal grandparents but up until now I have been his main caregiver. Now in the fall he will attend preschool 2 mornings a week in addition to Museum School. Yes, I know he needs social interaction with other children.

It is this way because we want it to be this way and have been able to make it happen. Every parent and family must make their own decisions on what works for them and their family when it comes to children and parenting. For me I know that I have a small window of time with him and that soon he will be off at school. Though his dad and I will always be an intricate part of his life but, he will grow up and move on and as the Dr. Seuss said "Oh the Places You'll Go!"

Being a "stay at home mom" has been the most difficult and the most rewarding time of my life. I wouldn't trade it for anything! And I hope that you feel the same what about the what your family life has turned out.

If you care to, share what works for your family. Do you need time away, are you content in the choices you've made?

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