Jun 5, 2011

Time to Blog

Hello blogosphere, blog-land, and my one follower. I have been away from blogging for almost 2 months now. I want to blog, I like to blog but life sometimes gets in the way of want toos and like toos. I have so many time thought of great things to write about and post but of course I am always in the car, out in the yard or somewhere not even close to my computer. So all of those wonderful, funny quips and stories are forever lost, ha ha.

Oh how I wish Blogger would make and iPhone app so that I could blog on the go. And yes I know I could email it in or text it in but I have never had much suggest with that so I am stuck blogging the old fashion way, actually sitting at at computer.

I am going to try and blog 2-3 times a week and hopefully life will not get in the way. And as the blog title says it is Jennifer's Ramblings so anything and everything is up for discussion.

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