Jun 9, 2011

It's a Small world after all...

I am currently playing a game on my iPhone called Word with Friends. It is basically Scrabble with a few changes. Most of all it is time waster that I have become very addicted to. You can play people you know, random games with others who play or you can post a request for games on their Facebook page. In addition to playing the game you can also chat within the game as well.

At first I only played family and friends then as I got more comfortable with the game I started to request random games. The only problem with that is some of the people I came across were crude, or like to smack talk, and that is not something I was interested in.. Or would play until they were loosing and then either quit the game or let it go dormant which is very annoying.

So a month or so ago I posted a request for games via the WWF FB page. I stated what kind of player I was and what kind of opponent I was looking for. From that post I got about 8 invites before I took my post down. Most of those players were only wanting a quick game but I came across two players who like to chat and were very friendly, Mark from Canada and Julie from California. We have continued to play our games and chat about life and it has been wonderful.

The experience has been so good that I got up the nerve to post again on FB last week and OMG. The response was just as good. I am now playing another lady from California, a SAHM mom in Australia, a SAHM mom in Louisiana  gentleman from Chicago, another gentleman from Delaware, and a SAHM who lives about 80 miles from me. I chat off and on through out the day with these people, they are very nice and are making my life a richer experience right here from the back porch of my house. I am not one to go out an mingle and I know it is not the same as meeting people but I am very glad I made the post and look forward to my continued interaction with these lovely people!

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