Jun 29, 2011

It's All About the Apps!!

For anyone who has a smartphone, be it an Android or Apple, we know it's not about the phone, it's all about the apps!

I recently upgraded from using an iPod Touch to a 32GB iPhone. I got the higher capacity iPhone for two reasons, 1, I have a son who loves to watch videos and not just any videos, videos of himself that I take with the iPhone and 2, APPS baby. I was limited with my 8GB iPod Touch but with this 32GB iPhone. Man oh man can I down load the Apps!

Weather your a news junkie, game nerd, photo freak, an epicurean snob, or education hound, as the ads say there's an app for that. Here are some of the apps I use everyday and that have become an intricate part of my daily routine. Now before I start I am not including, Facebook, Twitter, Words with Friends (jenrand71 if you want to play), Kindle or Email those are just given apps for any and all smartphones. No these are ones I have put through the ringer and work for me and my needs.

First Grocery IQ: this app keeps my grocery list, grocery total, has a place for the things I purchase every week so I don't have to keep typing them in and best of all you can, with the aide of a wireless printer, print off coupons. It also has a scanner and with the use of the phone's camera you can scan a products barcode you might be running out of and it puts it in your list, no typing required. GENIUS! Here is a screenshot of what I mean.

My next most used app is now Home Routines. This is a keep it together app that helps me organize my house chores so I don't get overwhelmed and my house always looks picked up, not perfect, because dull women have perfect houses! This app is very user friendly. Allows you to edit the chores to fit your needs and is broken up in to daily chores and focus areas. I will admit I am one who won't get an app unless it is free but the $2.99 I paid for this app is well worth it! Here is its screen shot.

The next two apps go hand in hand for me. They are PS Express and Piconhand. The first is Photoshop Express. I like it better than the built in camera but it is just a personal preference. The second app is Piconhand this app allows me to upload pics I take to my Picasa page, which was detailed here in a previous blog. This is very handy for when I want to make sure pictures I take when out and about are ready to go when I get home to blog.

Okay, onward we go, tired of me yet, (tap,tap,tap) anyone still out there...

Next is HeyTell, a voice text messaging app. I use this most with my dad but also some other. It allows you to send a voice text message without using up your txt msg plan or your phone minutes. You don't have to worry about auto correct in your typing, just push the button, talk and your done. Fabulous. One thing, others have to use HeyTell too for them to get the message. 

Next is an app I use infrequently but it is a must. I will say as a disclaimer that I stumbled on it when they were running a promo and got it for free, I would NEVER pay the $9.99 they charge. So what is the app you say, it is WeatherRadio. This is a Weather Alert Radio that lets you know when a watch or warning has been issued for your area. It also has a pretty good radar so you can track the storms as they are approaching. A good example of its use is a couple of weeks ago when storms blew in late a night the alert went off and we were able be proactive about protecting ourselves and property.

The last app is one that I now use everyday and is a great way to find FREE, yes FREE apps. FreeAppList has a daily rundown of the lastest free apps. You can view them all or in categories. For those who love FREE things and who doesn't this is a great app.

Well those are all the apps I can think of now that I use and think are worth blogging about. So if you are still reading at this point why don't you leave a comment and let me and others know what your favorite apps are. Maybe others might like to try them out as well.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. you would be proud. i got the iphone 4. i am moving on up to reach the sky.

  2. WooHoo! You won't be sorry! Did your phone# stay the same or did you get a new one?

  3. i got a new one. i'll email you later. just got it last night and i am trying to set it up.


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