Apr 7, 2011

Couponing Controversy

I am a couponer. I buy several Sunday papers to get the inserts. I follow several blogs, RSS feeds, Twitter and FB account to try and learn about more specials or coupons I might of over looked. I take time while by little one sleeps to pursue the sale circulars of about 5-6 stores per week and match up my coupons with the sales to maximize my savings. I was at one time very religious about it and due to family illness had fallen out of the habit but I am back now starting to see my diligence pay off.

So it was of great interest to me when about a couple of weeks ago I hear a podcast from NPR about the new TLC program "Extreme Couponing". Add to this I started seeing more and more posting about the show and more and more people commenting on coupons and learning and wanting to learn more about how to save money. In this economy who wouldn't. But as time grew closer to the start of the show there became this sudden divide between couponer, those who loved the show and those who hated how it made couponers look.

I must say that as the show was being aired last night I was glued to my FB account to watch all of the back and forth going on several FB pages. I thought my iPod Touch was going to explode. Now I need to preface this that  I don't have cable or dish, I'm too cheap to pay for it, but because my parents have U-verse with a DVR I was able to record the program.

So today was grandparent day for my son, as is every Thursday. He gets to play with my parents, they get to spend time with there only grandchild and I get free baby sitting to decompress. I normally use this time take advantage of that wonderful DVR machine and today I watched, "Extreme Couponing."

There were 4 women they showed doing this and with the exception of one I did not see the big deal and why all the controversy. Yes, they have stock piles that would last 3 years, and yes they did seem a little OCD. But my gosh who isn't about something. Also the show is all about ratings and to get those rating they edit the dog out of all those hours of tape. So love it or hate it the network got what they wanted, ratings and everyone is talking about it.

I must say I didn't not learn anything I didn't already know but I will keep watching the show, you never know when I will learn something new.

Did you watch the show? What did you think?

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