Mar 3, 2011

Sometimes you just know

I have spent the last week and a half attempting to pick out a preschool for my son for next fall. This has been a stressful, exciting and learning experience for me. First of all I am a little late to the game in leaving my child with non family members and if you read my post last month on helicopter moms you will see why. But through all my apprehension about "cutting the cord" I realize that my child needs to be around other children his own age more than what he is currently. So a couple of Wednesdays ago I was visiting with another museum school mom while standing in line to drop our young ones off and she mention a preschool that she had put her older boy in when he was 4 and how please she was with the whole experience. Well, this got me thinking that I needed to get with the program and find a preschool.

Well, within a 10 day period I researched, visited websites, contacted programs, consulted my aunt who is a leader in the field of Early Childhood and Development, and took 3 parent tours and finally made a choice. And the choice was like everyone I talked too said, "you'll know it is the right one when you walk in the door" and sure enough that was the case.

So which one did I choose... University Christian Church Weekday School. The program and atmosphere was as close to what I was looking for as I could get. So now I have 12 months to pick out an elementary school. I sure hope it goes as well as this did.

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  1. Congrats! and i like the look of your blog!


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