Mar 30, 2011

The Pioneer Woman I Am Not

I have always wished I was a better cook. Think a cross between The Pioneer Woman & America's Test Kitchen. Alas, I can do the basics but that is about it. My pan is either too hot or not hot enough, my batter too runny or too thick or I over cook or under cook just about everything.

I remember growing up about every 2 weeks we would have left over night. Mom would pull out all of the left overs, reheat what ever needed heating and put them on the table. The one thing I remember the most was having left over mashed taters that mom would make into potato pancakes. I loved potato pancakes!!! See my mom was one of those cooks that could whip up meals out of left overs so left over night wasn't so bad. (mom if I'm not remembering right don't burst my bubble please).

So tonight I decided it was going to be left over night at our house and low and behold we had some mashed taters. So I looked up a recipe online because of course I can't wing it and went about making the batter. Needless to say it didn't go as planned. I started out using my cast iron skillet and after smoking up the house (pan too hot) I switched to the electric skillet. See the difference.
 The ones on the bottom are from the electric and the ones on top are from the cast iron. In the end it didn't really matter because at our house the saying it, "it's always better with gravy"
So after topping the pancakes with left over browned ground meat and smothering it with gravy (which I have just not figured out to do at the age of...oh never mind), You get this:
Must say that it was very tasty in the end. And just so you don't worry I had a glass of V8 juice for some veggies.

So are you a recipe follower or a wing it kind of cook?


  1. The Pioneer Woman is exceptional. She is too perfect. I wing most everything and get ideas from recipes. The potato pancakes look good.

  2. this pic reminds me of a meal my mom would make. she would make SOS from time to time. i have yet to ask her what all was in it, mostly leftovers. i figure if I find out, i might just gag.

    you pancakes scream yyummy!


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