Mar 21, 2011

Mommy Confession Monday

My son loves to play hide and seek. In fact he wants to play it everyday. Of course he is always hiding and mommy is alway seeking. I must say that he has gotten pretty good at hiding. He does choose the same spots over and over but he hunkers down and for the most part stays very quiet, which for a 3 almost 4 year old boy is very impressive.

Now for my Mommy Confession, I drag out counting to 10 and I then I pretend to seek him out while picking up the house. Now I don't just let him sit there, I am talking the whole time saying where I am looking,   but I go from room to room picking up as I go for about a minute maybe two before I "find" him. He then squeals with delight and runs off to hide again. I must say my house over the last week looks better than it has in many month. In fact the other day I got a swiffer duster cloth and dusted as I went around seeking. I have gone through junk mail, a little laundry, and picked up toys. Just another way of multitasking while being a SAHM.

So are there things you do that incorporate playing with your child/children while keeping up with the never ending chore of housekeeping?

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  1. my only time to clean the bathroom is when si is in the tub. she is independent enough to bath but not old enough to be unsupervised. i usually clean mirrors, toliets, mop the floor, scrub the sink etc while she babbles away about her alphabet stick up letters in the tub. besides that, i do on occasion sneak visit to my itouch for some no brainer activity (but you didn't hear that from me)


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