Mar 14, 2011

Mommy Confession Monday

The last two weekends have not been good ones around our house. For whatever reason, weather, full moon, star alignment, 3 year olds with sprained ankles, lack of a schedule, loosing an hour of sleep due to daylight savings time, and on and on and on.

So this past Sunday I got up and was already missing my hour of sleep when my 3 year old woke up all cranky, crabby and just down right unbearable. So at this point what do you do, well I say, bye, I'm off to do the weekly grocery shopping. Leaving both my husband and son in their jammies, hair all a skewed and eating breakfast.

I return to find my hubby had taken a bath but my son was still in his jammies and not in a much better mood. So here is my Mommy Confession, I let my son stay in his jammies all day until Sunday evening when he got a bath and put in a fresh pair of jammies. Now I know for some staying in jammies all day is no big deal but in the almost 4 years of my young sons life I can count on one hand how many times he has stayed in his jammies all day and those were before the age of 1.

In other words in our house it is a big deal to not get dressed for the day, yes I know it is anal retentive of us and yes I know we need to lighten up and now that I have let it happen I am tempted to let it happen more often.

So do you stay in our jammies all day on occasions, do you let your child?

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  1. we have done it numerous times, especially on cold weather days. plus, usually thurs are our days to stay in pj's up until 11 am. it gives an excuse to relax and allow our body, mind, and spirit take a break to recharge.


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