Mar 30, 2011

Mommy Confession Monday or What's Up Wednesday

Since I did not get to my Monday post I thought instead of saving it till  next week I would share now cause that's just how I roll.

Okay so I am not quite the hippster I would like to think I am.

My confession is magazines, I love them. The problem is I get them in the mail and life gets so busy they sit around for months till I either throw them out or have a marathon magazine reading week. Now only pay for 2 of these mags the rest I get for free or I fill out surveys and get them as a reward. So from looking at the stack I have several months to catch up on so I see a marathon mag reading in my future.

What do you have lying around that you need to catch up on?

1 comment:

  1. ironing. i have a booty full of his and hers that have got to get ironed!


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