Mar 17, 2011

Hazel the Maid

I HATE housework. Yes, you read that right HATE housework. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, cleaning toilets you name it I loathe it. Thus the state of our house. I would be much happier reading a book, watching a movie, playing outside with my son or anything else other than cleaning house. In fact, the only time my house was really, really clean was when I was writing my dissertation. I disliked doing that even more than cleaning so to put off writing I would clean. Anyway I digress...

Our house stays clean mainly thanks to my hubby. I do keep up with the laundry and the dishes, but there are machines to really do the cleaning. I will vacuum once a week but my hubby is really the neat nick of our house. Quite frequently I will return from my Sunday morning grocery shopping trip to find he and our son have vacuumed, cleaned the bathrooms and done some of the laundry, Hallelujah! However, due to some recent circumstance I have had to start pulling my weight around here, boo!

So other than the main chores to keep the house up I have started spring cleaning, this currently entails the ceiling fans and the light fixtures attached. Can I just say I am about 5'4", who the heck looks up that high so who cares, wrong. So during nap time I am taking on a couple of fans a day. Today was master bedroom and dining room. Below are before and after pictures of the some of the globes. I apologize in advance form my poor photo taking ability. Hey maybe I can work on that instead of cleaning house...

Before & After
Before, the bottom is not frosted just that dusty!!
After, see you can see the clear glass a the bottom (poor lighting due to poor photographer)

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