Mar 30, 2011

The Pioneer Woman I Am Not

I have always wished I was a better cook. Think a cross between The Pioneer Woman & America's Test Kitchen. Alas, I can do the basics but that is about it. My pan is either too hot or not hot enough, my batter too runny or too thick or I over cook or under cook just about everything.

I remember growing up about every 2 weeks we would have left over night. Mom would pull out all of the left overs, reheat what ever needed heating and put them on the table. The one thing I remember the most was having left over mashed taters that mom would make into potato pancakes. I loved potato pancakes!!! See my mom was one of those cooks that could whip up meals out of left overs so left over night wasn't so bad. (mom if I'm not remembering right don't burst my bubble please).

So tonight I decided it was going to be left over night at our house and low and behold we had some mashed taters. So I looked up a recipe online because of course I can't wing it and went about making the batter. Needless to say it didn't go as planned. I started out using my cast iron skillet and after smoking up the house (pan too hot) I switched to the electric skillet. See the difference.
 The ones on the bottom are from the electric and the ones on top are from the cast iron. In the end it didn't really matter because at our house the saying it, "it's always better with gravy"
So after topping the pancakes with left over browned ground meat and smothering it with gravy (which I have just not figured out to do at the age of...oh never mind), You get this:
Must say that it was very tasty in the end. And just so you don't worry I had a glass of V8 juice for some veggies.

So are you a recipe follower or a wing it kind of cook?

Mommy Confession Monday or What's Up Wednesday

Since I did not get to my Monday post I thought instead of saving it till  next week I would share now cause that's just how I roll.

Okay so I am not quite the hippster I would like to think I am.

My confession is magazines, I love them. The problem is I get them in the mail and life gets so busy they sit around for months till I either throw them out or have a marathon magazine reading week. Now only pay for 2 of these mags the rest I get for free or I fill out surveys and get them as a reward. So from looking at the stack I have several months to catch up on so I see a marathon mag reading in my future.

What do you have lying around that you need to catch up on?

Mar 29, 2011

The Recycler

Several shows that I allow my son to watch have episodes that involve recycling. Cars, paper, plastic, metal and several other items so he has taken it upon himself to become The Recycler. Below you can see where with the help of the The Crusher (mom) his legos have been crushed up into bales to be loaded on the truck and headed off to where ever. In the top picture he is using his hand as a grapple to load the bales.

Too bad the city that we live in took away our opportunity to recycle or we would do this for real.

This Present Life: Truth Be Told Tuesday #4

This Present Life: Truth Be Told Tuesday #4

Head on over to This Present Life and check out her new feature Truth Be Told Tuesdays. I now live for this blog post. Check it out and join in the fun. It is nice to know that not everyone in the blogosphere is as perfect as they post.

Mar 23, 2011

My Triceratops

So today at Museum School they studied dinosaurs. And the project they did was to make a triceratops hat. The teachers and TCU helpers put out the horns for the kids to choose from, pink, yellow and blue and they started in. When it came time for my little one to pick his horns he choose pink. "Why are you choosing pink?" they asked to which my little one responded "because my mommy likes pink" Melt your heart!

My serious Triceratops

My fun loving Triceratops

Mar 21, 2011

Mommy Confession Monday

My son loves to play hide and seek. In fact he wants to play it everyday. Of course he is always hiding and mommy is alway seeking. I must say that he has gotten pretty good at hiding. He does choose the same spots over and over but he hunkers down and for the most part stays very quiet, which for a 3 almost 4 year old boy is very impressive.

Now for my Mommy Confession, I drag out counting to 10 and I then I pretend to seek him out while picking up the house. Now I don't just let him sit there, I am talking the whole time saying where I am looking,   but I go from room to room picking up as I go for about a minute maybe two before I "find" him. He then squeals with delight and runs off to hide again. I must say my house over the last week looks better than it has in many month. In fact the other day I got a swiffer duster cloth and dusted as I went around seeking. I have gone through junk mail, a little laundry, and picked up toys. Just another way of multitasking while being a SAHM.

So are there things you do that incorporate playing with your child/children while keeping up with the never ending chore of housekeeping?

Mar 18, 2011

Yellow is Mellow and great for your Jell-O

This is currently my son's favorite evening meal. Notice anything? It is all in the same color family, yellow. Now add to this cheese, apple fruit bars, potato chips, bananas, and peaches and you have the majority of what he will eat right now. No red, green or blue items may touch his plate. I guess I should be happy that there are fruit and one vegetable included in his routine.

Mar 17, 2011

Hazel the Maid

I HATE housework. Yes, you read that right HATE housework. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, cleaning toilets you name it I loathe it. Thus the state of our house. I would be much happier reading a book, watching a movie, playing outside with my son or anything else other than cleaning house. In fact, the only time my house was really, really clean was when I was writing my dissertation. I disliked doing that even more than cleaning so to put off writing I would clean. Anyway I digress...

Our house stays clean mainly thanks to my hubby. I do keep up with the laundry and the dishes, but there are machines to really do the cleaning. I will vacuum once a week but my hubby is really the neat nick of our house. Quite frequently I will return from my Sunday morning grocery shopping trip to find he and our son have vacuumed, cleaned the bathrooms and done some of the laundry, Hallelujah! However, due to some recent circumstance I have had to start pulling my weight around here, boo!

So other than the main chores to keep the house up I have started spring cleaning, this currently entails the ceiling fans and the light fixtures attached. Can I just say I am about 5'4", who the heck looks up that high so who cares, wrong. So during nap time I am taking on a couple of fans a day. Today was master bedroom and dining room. Below are before and after pictures of the some of the globes. I apologize in advance form my poor photo taking ability. Hey maybe I can work on that instead of cleaning house...

Before & After
Before, the bottom is not frosted just that dusty!!
After, see you can see the clear glass a the bottom (poor lighting due to poor photographer)

Mar 14, 2011

Mommy Confession Monday

The last two weekends have not been good ones around our house. For whatever reason, weather, full moon, star alignment, 3 year olds with sprained ankles, lack of a schedule, loosing an hour of sleep due to daylight savings time, and on and on and on.

So this past Sunday I got up and was already missing my hour of sleep when my 3 year old woke up all cranky, crabby and just down right unbearable. So at this point what do you do, well I say, bye, I'm off to do the weekly grocery shopping. Leaving both my husband and son in their jammies, hair all a skewed and eating breakfast.

I return to find my hubby had taken a bath but my son was still in his jammies and not in a much better mood. So here is my Mommy Confession, I let my son stay in his jammies all day until Sunday evening when he got a bath and put in a fresh pair of jammies. Now I know for some staying in jammies all day is no big deal but in the almost 4 years of my young sons life I can count on one hand how many times he has stayed in his jammies all day and those were before the age of 1.

In other words in our house it is a big deal to not get dressed for the day, yes I know it is anal retentive of us and yes I know we need to lighten up and now that I have let it happen I am tempted to let it happen more often.

So do you stay in our jammies all day on occasions, do you let your child?

Mar 8, 2011

Truth Be Told Tuesdays

Okay to go along with my Mommy Confessions from the other day I have found a blog that has a Truth Be Told Tuesday that is put on by a wonderful mommy/DIY/crafty blogger, Rebecca. So go check out her blog Happy Baby Designs for some great ideas and some great laughs!

Mar 4, 2011

Mommy Confessions

Okay I'll admit I was one of those women before I had a child would make comments when seeing others with children such as, "I wouldn't do that", "I would never feed my child that", "that child needs to...". Little did I know back then the amount of decisions and battles a mom has to face each and every day. The phrase comes to mind, don't judge another till you've walked a mile in his shoes. Well all I can say is AMEN!

And with that little intro here is my mommy confession. I currently negotiate with my child to eat his food. My go to food at the moment is Wavy Lays Potato Chips. Yes, it pains me to say that at just about every meal for the last 2-3 weeks I have used the phrase, "if you eat two more bites you an have some chips." I am not proud of this, I sometimes hang my head in shame when walking to the pantry to get the beloved chips, however, he is eating more and more. Yes, I try to make it through meals without using the phrase, and yes I know that if my child doesn't eat a meal or two he won't starve, but I just can't stand for him not to eat.

So there you have it my Mommy Confession of the day. I could probably have one a day for several months but this is the one I will share with the world. The rest will stay hidden away.

Mar 3, 2011

Sometimes you just know

I have spent the last week and a half attempting to pick out a preschool for my son for next fall. This has been a stressful, exciting and learning experience for me. First of all I am a little late to the game in leaving my child with non family members and if you read my post last month on helicopter moms you will see why. But through all my apprehension about "cutting the cord" I realize that my child needs to be around other children his own age more than what he is currently. So a couple of Wednesdays ago I was visiting with another museum school mom while standing in line to drop our young ones off and she mention a preschool that she had put her older boy in when he was 4 and how please she was with the whole experience. Well, this got me thinking that I needed to get with the program and find a preschool.

Well, within a 10 day period I researched, visited websites, contacted programs, consulted my aunt who is a leader in the field of Early Childhood and Development, and took 3 parent tours and finally made a choice. And the choice was like everyone I talked too said, "you'll know it is the right one when you walk in the door" and sure enough that was the case.

So which one did I choose... University Christian Church Weekday School. The program and atmosphere was as close to what I was looking for as I could get. So now I have 12 months to pick out an elementary school. I sure hope it goes as well as this did.