Feb 18, 2011

Helicopter Mom

I have tried to do my best to not be a helicopter mom. You know one of those mothers that hovers over their child in every aspect of their life. I will admit it has been very difficult between a long time to conceive, pre-eclampsia and an emergency c-section it has not be easy, to let go. I do try to back off and let him explore and fail so he can try again and learn and as long as we are at home I am good, it is when we are out and about that I struggle. Whether it is on the playground, in the store or even sending him to Museum school I am uncomfortable being very far away.

I am, however, working on it. When at park this week I let him run and play while I sat on a park bench, which included even letting him fall once or twice off a small ledge so he would learn to play better attention to where he was walking and work on his balance. And this week I finally got up the nerve to actually leave the Museum property while JN was at school and went to do something for me. I went a Barnes and Noble and sat in the Starbucks for a while then browsed the store. I found lots and lots of cool stuff, of course it was all for JN. But it was to nice to just wander around and enjoy a little time. I hope in the future I can take more time to let JN explore and stop hovering. It will do us both dome good.

Do you struggle to let your child explore? What are your tips or trick to make it easier?

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  1. you are doing the first thing...admitting it. i was and at times still a heli mommy, especially when she is doing something high on the playground. the next step is working on it as you have done--letting him venture out. i am mean we are raising our kids to be well rounded, independent people right. i will never forget amy ware and her mom. the mom was all over us and never gave us space that we needed. this went on until way into college. poor amy, she now still lives with her mom and has no friends/boyfriend/ or anyother life because her mom. okya, that is a bit extreme but i make sure i don't get there.


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