Jan 13, 2011

Speaking your mind

 Ignorance can be cured. Stupid is forever.

I posted a status update today on my FB page that I am sure made my parents crawl under a rock. See, when I was growing up our family had a business in a small town. I learned from a very early age that there are two topics you never talk about in public, religion and politics. They are two very decisive topics which produce very emotional responses and can send customers away in a heartbeat.

This is something that I have adhered to for most of my adult life. Also being brought up in a household where my parents never fought either with each other or others I have never been comfortable with confrontations. However, the older I get and now that I am a parent, I am starting to become more comfortable for standing up for what I believe in and speaking my mind, especially when it comes to the protection and well being of my son or family. I don't search out confrontation like some family members and friends I know but I will point out when someone or some thing is dangerous or, as I am teaching my son when someone is being an "idiot" (lot better than somethings I can call people).

So for those of you who don't do FB my post is below and I will continue to point out in this ever dumber and self-serving world when something is wrong or when people just need to shut up. Which I will do now.

OK so I am an independent when it comes to politics. I vote for the person not the party. I respect others peoples choices, we all have our beliefs and standards and should be true ourselves. That being said, Sarah Palin should just shut up and go away, she does nothing but instigate the polarization of this country when she opens her mouth! Either that or hire better speech writers. There I have said it and feel much better.

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  1. Bravo Girl. I love it! Woot Woot! Finally, a soul sister preaching what needs to be told. You such the Maverick (i had to throw that in).


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