Jan 11, 2011

Sick little ones

I have been very fortunate that in my little one's 3 1/2 years he has never been sick, not really. He has run fever on occasions but never more than a 100 or so and never more than a day or two. So much to my dismay he woke up this morning with 101 and even saying he felt bad. Now with little boys, and maybe some little girls they don't know that they are not supposed to be rambunctious when sick so as to let the body rest and heal. So as much as I don't like to we have had a TV marathon today just to keep him contained, and it didn't help that mom was feeling a little under the weather too.

So today has been a Super Why/Cat in the Hat/Dinosaur Train/Veggie Tales day. At least I got in some educational stuff....

Hopefully in a day or two we will be back to our active selves but until then, couch potatoes we will be.

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