Jan 11, 2011

Giving it another try

So many people make new years resolutions, me included. And I think many of us, me included, break them within months, days or hours of the new year. One of  the resolutions I have made many times and broken is the resolution to read the bible and become closer with God and Jesus Christ. One year I even went out, bought a study bible and had my name put on it thinking that would give me just the push I need to complete my task, nope. Another year I took out that same Bible and for several days I read a little bit at at time but soon became overwhelmed and very confused with all the names and the difficulty of reading passages not written in the cadence in which I learned to read. Therefore once again I put the Bible down and thought it was a lost cause.

Luckily I have many people in my life (Ardis, Christine, Elisa, Jodie, Rachel) that have given me cause to try this again. But I knew just sitting down and reading was not going to work. And with my current life situation going to a weekly bible study isn't in the cards either. So being the tech person I love to be, I scoured the iTunes store for bible study/bible readings apps to help me in my quest. Of course also being the frugal person I am I only looked at free apps. I down loaded about 5-6, tried them all out and have finally found the one that fits my needs. It is called the Daily Bible Study and it is put out by Cokesbury which just happens to be the publishing arm of the Methodist Church in which I am a member, though not active.

So far I have followed through this time longer than any other, and another plus is that I am trying to do my reading while around my son so that I may also include him in becoming familiar and comfortable with the Bible and what it represents to me.

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  1. I am going to have to download that one. We Methies stick together, right. I have heard start with the New Testment and then hit the Old. Or do what I did, I bought a kids bible with the illustrations and stories. I wanted to know about parables, stories and lessons and somehow this helped my understanding.


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