Dec 6, 2010

Welcome to the 21st Century

Well we finally did it, we finally made the switch from an analog TV to HDTV.  And let me say OMG!!!

I know, I know most of you made the switch many years ago but we just could bring ourselves to spend the money to replace a perfectly good TV. Also, we don't have cable or satellite nor a Blu-Ray player so really there was no need. However with more and more content being shot and displayed in HD and the addition of our new Roku player so we can watch movies without renting, we decided for Christmas we would make the jump and get a new TV.

We had been looking for a while and had settled on the features we wanted and then this last week Best Buy ran a sale we couldn't pass up. It was so easy to set up and the picture, oh my gosh, the picture quality is, dare I say, life changing for watching TV.

Now I know I go on sometimes about my love for technology and if I had unlimited funds would have all the latest and greatest gadgets, that's just me. But this TV and it's ability to show movie quality picture and sound with the push of a button, just about gets me salivating. OK, maybe not quite that.

So I know I did pretty well during the month of Nov with posting often but if you don't see a post from me for a while I will be expanding my beeeehind while propped up on the couch watching The Tudors, Grey's Anatomy, House and a whole lot of Veggie Tales and Mighty Machines with my little one. I am such a bad influence.

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