Dec 13, 2010

Full Service Gas Stations

I grew up in a time when there were full service gas stations. For you young folks it was when you pulled up to a gas station and heard a bell ring, and attendant came out and said, "filler up ma'am".

Now we always went to Mathison Gulf on Palo Pinto Street. For years I remember James filling up our family car with gas, washing the windows, checking the oil, tire pressure, state inspections, and just about anything else the vehicle needed.

About the time I got my drivers license was when self service stations were coming on board and not wanting to be anything like my parents (sorry mom) I started filling up myself.

As time as passed  here in the great state of Texas the self service station has gone by the wayside in favor of mega convenient store stations where you can get cappachino with your gas, but I have found a self service station here in Weatherford and HELLO, I now know the joy of not having to get out of my car when it is raining, cold or windy, I don't have to get my hands dirty, wash my windows or worry about skimmers at the pay at the pump credit card readers. Now I can sit in my nice warm car and sing songs with my son and enjoy this luxury for only $2.00 more per fill up. Well worth it in my opinion.

So if you are ever in Weatherford M-Sat stop by Don's Chevron on South Main by Gibson's and enjoy the good ole days. And while your at it mosey over to Gibson's to enjoy some small town dry good's store experience as well. I will blog about that another time.

Dec 8, 2010

An AHA moment...

Yesterday was an aha moment for me. See when I stopped working outside the home when my son was born I had this June Clever idea of being a stay at home mom. A spotless house a well behaved child a cooked dinner on the table every night and smiles on every ones faces. Now 3 1/2 years into it I have the shocking reality that the laundry doesn't always get done my child has his own plans for behavior and meals come out of a can or the freezer on occasions and the floors are lucky if they get vacuumed once a week.

Because I had this unrealistic expectations and tried to keep meeting it for so long I realized that my relationship with my son was suffering. I came to this shocking moment yesterday.

See my nice hubby stayed home from work so that I could do some much needed Christmas shopping. I ended up being gone for most of the day. When I returned that evening I found a happy cooperative child.

What had happened? Normally by the end of our days we are both on the verge of tears and gnashing our teeth. After I sat down and listened to their day I was when I had my aha moment. They didn't worry about the laundry getting done the floors vacuumed or meals cooked, they played! Something I think I had lost sight of.

As my son has gotten older he is in need of more and more active input and physical activity, well duh, I should know this being and education major, but I had lost sight of it trying to do it all. So today we played, before we went off to school and we played and ran around after school. He went down for a nap without a fuss, albeit late, but still we have had very few head butting moments and both he an I are much more relaxed.

I know I will need constant reminders to play instead of work, it is just my nature, but in the end we will all be better for it.

Dec 6, 2010


 Today I felt like this kid and that my son was driving the car. 3 year olds can be so challenging and frustrating and rewarding all at the same time! God give me strength!

Welcome to the 21st Century

Well we finally did it, we finally made the switch from an analog TV to HDTV.  And let me say OMG!!!

I know, I know most of you made the switch many years ago but we just could bring ourselves to spend the money to replace a perfectly good TV. Also, we don't have cable or satellite nor a Blu-Ray player so really there was no need. However with more and more content being shot and displayed in HD and the addition of our new Roku player so we can watch movies without renting, we decided for Christmas we would make the jump and get a new TV.

We had been looking for a while and had settled on the features we wanted and then this last week Best Buy ran a sale we couldn't pass up. It was so easy to set up and the picture, oh my gosh, the picture quality is, dare I say, life changing for watching TV.

Now I know I go on sometimes about my love for technology and if I had unlimited funds would have all the latest and greatest gadgets, that's just me. But this TV and it's ability to show movie quality picture and sound with the push of a button, just about gets me salivating. OK, maybe not quite that.

So I know I did pretty well during the month of Nov with posting often but if you don't see a post from me for a while I will be expanding my beeeehind while propped up on the couch watching The Tudors, Grey's Anatomy, House and a whole lot of Veggie Tales and Mighty Machines with my little one. I am such a bad influence.