Nov 7, 2010

Giving Thanks #7

Today I am thankful for coupons and shopping with no assistance.

Since our son was born my husband has afforded me the luxury of going to the grocery store on Sundays while he stays at home with our son. This it a huge relief on my part and for those of you with babies, toddlers or just kids in general you know that shopping with them can be a challenge and forget trying to do coupons or comparison shop.

And speaking of coupons, I never leave home without them. They are wonderful. I go it alone now on shopping for sales and matching coupons with those sales for great savings but at one time I did do The Grocery Game. However, when Kroger left Weatherford I found it no longer worth my time and money. Oh Kroger how I miss you. Okay I digress. Coupons are a wonderful thing and yes they take time and effort to cut out and sort but for me it is well worth my time as a SAHM. I also use the following sites and blogs* to help in my never ending search for deals and coupons;, Smart Source, RedPulm, In Good Cents, Couponing 101, Deal Seeking Mom, and A Full Cup.

*Please note that the blogs are for the North Texas area in relationship to grocery store sales. But I'm sure with a few Google searches you can find some in your area.

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